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Great Moments in RP

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August 19th, 2008

11:04 am - A duel...
Scene: A duel between Sir Maximus Corvinus & Comte Phillipe de Molay. Unknown to them the Knight's female squire is hiding and watching the duel. She is also in love with the Comte...
Characters: Elaine (Etienne) de Lerond, Maximux Corvinus, Phillipe de Molay
MU**: KushielMUX
Number Of Poses: 31
Series: Original

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September 1st, 2006

10:54 pm - Two Bestposes
I'm posting a couple actually.

Scene: In YAH, both Spike and Julia are altered. They are sort of like reincarnations of their previous selves, so there is a familiarity there akin to deja vu. As such, Julia is still in a three year relationship with Vicious. All three are in the mafia, Jules has only known Spike for five months.
Spike takes Julia on a planeride.
Characters: Spike & Julia
MU**: youareheremux
Number Of Poses: Seven
Series: Cowboy Bebop

That game we played, the drinking one? I lied on one of the questions. I'm actually very scared of dying. I'm sorry.Collapse )

Scene: Julia was in a bit of a scuffle with the Yakuza. She returns home slightly wounded, only to find Vicious. There is a brief discussion on the unique likenesses between both Vicious and Spike, as well as their lack of fear towards death - something that frustrates Julia to no end.
Characters: Vicious & Julia
MU**: youareheremux
Number Of Poses: 10
Series: Cowboy Bebop

I will worry when the day comes that you prefer killing to a kissCollapse )

God, Vicious & Spike are such good rpers.
Current Mood: devious
Current Music: How Blue Can You Get - BB King

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June 20th, 2006

11:11 am - "Come into my parlor," Said the spider to the fly.
Scene: It is dinner time, the wind and rain escorts a familiar figure to the doors of Hellsing Estates. Not only does Integra share her dinner with him, she shares her thoughts on evil and the current standing of Los Anime.
Characters: Father Nightroad, Integra
MU**: Animania On Line (Closed)
Number Of Poses: .....Uhm, a lot to count but I will do it soonly.
Series: Hellsing, Trinity Blood

There were seven Spanish angels, at the Altar of the sun..Collapse )
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Current Music: Ray Charles- " Seven Spanish Angels"

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10:52 am - Unchain my heart, you worry me night and day.
Scene: The dust settled while they slept. Morning comes and with it no only brings a chance of rain, but also a chance for Alucard to see beyond the hazy fog that is Integra's public face (a pretty candid moment..*cough* nothing obscene though).
Characters: Alucard, Integra
MU**: Animania On Line (Closed)
Number Of Poses: .....Uhm, a lot to count but I will do it soonly.
Series: Hellsing

I'm under your spell like a man in a tranceCollapse )

;___; I so want to finish this scene ;__;
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Ray Charles, "Unchain My Heart"

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10:26 am - The Shadow of a man in the light of a woman's anger.
Scene: Blood has long since dried on the streets of Los Anime. Consumed by her duties as Bureau Director of Hellsing Organization (Institution) and commander of the Royal Protestant Knights, Integra had long since gone into self imposed exile. Word of a man dressed in red draws her out of her seclusion, secretly hopeful.
Characters: Alucard, Integra, Seras Victoria, Vincent Valentine.
MU**: Animania On Line (Closed)
Number Of Poses: .....Uhm, a lot to count but I will do it soonly.
Series: Hellsing, Final Fantasy 7

Bang, bang that awful soundCollapse )

Scene: Afterward both the night and Integra's mood were rather stormy. Although the rain clouds have gone, Integra's anger and feelings of betrayal have not. The walls of the Hellsing Institute hold within a swelling silence, the hallways devoid of any activity.
Characters: Alucard, Integra, Seras Victoria
MU**: Animania On Line (Closed)
Number Of Poses: .....Uhm, a lot to count but I will do it soonly.
Series: Hellsing

Bang bang,My baby shot me down.Collapse )

This particular cast (Hellsing) is looking for a new home. We are mature, well spoken, easy to get along with players who seek others of the same mind. We are not cliquish, nor do we desire to be a part of any cliques. We simply want to be able to write to our hearts content in a dark setting. Animania was great while it lasted, but appears to be off line from here on out (I've tried to log on several times, no go).

If you have a possible home for us, we would love to hear about it. We've not been able to role play together as a set since April!

In any case, comment or e-mail me if interested (I'll get in contact with my other cast members to fill them in). Check my user info for my contacts.

Thanks much,
Haruhi (Tsuki no knife @ LJ)
Current Mood: hungryhungry

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May 27th, 2006

06:08 pm - All Women are Liars
Scene: In YAH, both Spike and Julia are altered. They are sort of like reincarnations of their previous selves, so there is a familiarity there akin to deja vu. Anyways, these poses are from a log when they first meet in a smoky poolhall. Julia has been in a three year relationship with Vicious who is out of town. Both are in the Mafia.
Characters: Spike & Julia
MU**: youareheremux
Number Of Poses: Six
Series: Cowboy Bebop

I've bolded my favorite parts.

This is an AWESOME community. I'm surprised that it's been so neglected.
Oh well. Time to share :)

I'll tell you in another life when we are both cats.Collapse )

The rest of the scene can be found Here
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Current Music: Rez by Underworld

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October 6th, 2005

12:28 am - *pose flex*
Scene: Shakira Asaal has been staying at a friend's house the past several days due to some... criminal problems. :) He comes home tired, she's there to (always) lighten the mood. This includes the LONGEST setting pose EVAR CREATED. It made me squeal with happiness.
Characters: Shakira Asaal and Flavio Tiberti (his poses are cut, but they are summarized)
MU**: The X-Files MUCK
Number Of Poses: 3
Series: Original
Let the poses begin!Collapse )
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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June 14th, 2005

02:03 am - Salu
I really like the idea of a Best Poses community. Whoever thought of it, Kudos! I love sharing!

Uhmm.. Don't think I know anyone here. Not much of an LJ person, more of a Xanga. Hope I do, love to share with people!

I hope you don't mind me posting two of these =)

If it's too much, I can always remove them. Sorry to the inconvenience.

Scene: Edea is looking for Cid Highwind after being stranded in Traverse Town. She wants out. She wants out now. And she is not happy.
At the same time, Vincent and Cid share a touching Reunion.
Until the shop doors open to reveal an angry Matron.
Characters: Cid Highwind, Vincent, Edea
MU**: FLegends
Number Of Poses: 3, One from each character
Series: Cid Highwind(KH/FF7), Vincent(FF7), Edea(FF8 - No longer possessed)
Comments: This is so funny. Especially Cid's reaction to Edea's entrance(They do not get along. At all. Stubborn wills and what have you), and Vincent's reaction to Edea's flowers....
Especially Vincent's reaction.
I'm lucky enough to play Edea with these two fab RPers.
One Kettle for the FlowersCollapse )

Next one!
Scene: Edea has a conversation with Reno's hair
Characters: Edea, Reno
MU**: FLegends
Number Of Poses: 3. Common exchange
Series: Reno(FF7), Edea(FF8 - Not possessed)
Comments: .... XD~~~ The Traverse Town disaster let Edea drown her problems with Alcohol and anti-depressants much to Cid's lack of knowledge. Reno just happens on by while she's in happy land..
....Burn them all, Edea o_oCollapse )

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June 8th, 2005

07:13 pm
Scene: A startling appearance in the Daedal Hunter Headquarters.
Characters: Albedo, Leia, Hayate
MU*: rosemush
Number of Poses: 3
Series: Xenosaga, Ogre Battle 64, Naruto.

Proof that Daedal Hunters are all /INSANE/.Collapse )

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June 5th, 2005

11:56 pm - La~
Scene: Hayate and Leia previously went hunting Machinata in the slums of Yaga's Belly and Leia came back with some fairly grevious injuries. Hence, Hayate feels the need to check on her. Meanwhile, Leia has her eye on the overly polite ninja... and some wicked thoughts in her head.
Characters: Gekkou Hayate and Leia Silvis
MU*: rosemush
Number of Poses: 4
Series: Naruto and Ogre Battle 64. (Leia is not the Star Wars version. Hee.)

Come sit on my cot said the spider to the fly. Hell no, said the fly.Collapse )

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