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La~ - Great Moments in RP

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June 5th, 2005

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11:56 pm - La~
Scene: Hayate and Leia previously went hunting Machinata in the slums of Yaga's Belly and Leia came back with some fairly grevious injuries. Hence, Hayate feels the need to check on her. Meanwhile, Leia has her eye on the overly polite ninja... and some wicked thoughts in her head.
Characters: Gekkou Hayate and Leia Silvis
MU*: rosemush
Number of Poses: 4
Series: Naruto and Ogre Battle 64. (Leia is not the Star Wars version. Hee.)


His brows furrow at her annoyance. His politeness is just... the way he is, honestly. "I'm sorry if my way of speaking is upsetting you Leia-san, but it's simply the way I speak to people. I mean no disrespect." Which is amusing really, considering he's a little too respectful of everyone. He tilts his head just a little bit at the cot, perhaps gauging how much space there really is. But honestly? He has no intention of sitting there.
Not even as she tries to turn his politeness against him. In fact, suddenly Hayate wonders if perhaps he shouldn't just flee entirely. But no, that would be rude, he fled the last time and that was why he came here, to apologize. Still, he gets to his feet rather abruptly, coughing into his fist again. "Ah." He isn't quite sure what to say at this point. "I don't think it would be proper, Leia-san."


"Okay, then. I guess I can understand that." Leia would shrug if it didn't hurt. She really can understand it, though. After all, Magnus was painfully polite, too. So was his father Ankiseth. In fact, Ankiseth was almost as bad as Hayate in that regard. She leans back, yawning a little. "Well, thanks for coming by. I appreciate the company. The best I get around here is the guys ogling the fact that I don't have my armor on. After a few threats with a knife, they kind of get the idea and move on." Granted, she kind of had to put one of them on another cot while incapacitated herself. Did she ever mention she's raving mad?

Oh, fine. She'll let this little game go, but rest assured that she's going to grab that poor ninja some time or another. She seems to relax as he lets himself get marginally comfortable on the crate, looking on. In fact, that look seems a little bit calculating. Cunning. Almost like she's... planning something. Aha, but that's impossible, right? She said she was going to play nice and sit back.

There's suddenly a scuffle of sheet as Leia lunges forward, one hand grasping at Hayate's shoulder as she leans forward to plant a chaste-but-not kiss on the poor ninja's lips, grinning fiendishly when she draws away, using the pillows to fall back against. She fixes him with a positively wicked little grin; equal parts deviousness and amusement, licking her lips a little and blinking. "/That/--" And here she shows her teeth in that mad grin, "--was for saving my life." All however many of them the Soul Engines grants her, into the bargain. "There. I've properly thanked you. Now I can rest easy," she adds in an airy tone, amusement threatening to brim over in those blue eyes.


Ah, she seems to relax again, though Hayate isn't quite sure what to make of her anymore. Leia's temperament is as capricious as the weather in Konoha, and just as quick to shift. He's seen her when vulnerable and injured, though, and found he liked her. He just hopes -- he hopes... he-- is being kissed.

Hayate is a ninja. He is fast and nimble and used to getting out of things with a little kawarimi when necessary. However, he was not expecting /that/ from Leia. She's an ally, if a bit on the crazy side and... He stiffens the moment she's grabbed him and plants her lips on his. Stiffens and remains that way, looking like a deer caught in headlights, long after she's fallen back against her pillows.

Finally, he swallows, and then coughs into his fist again. "Ah. Yes. I suppose you should rest, then. Good night, Leia-san." And he is rather quick to jet out of there.


Ah, there's that look she'd been expecting to see. Doing something like that to someone so polite is just the kind of thing she likes to do, just to mess with peoples' heads. Especially for a nice docile, tame person like the sickly ninja. There's no real worry for her if she's going to catch any bugs off of him. She's already miserable, so what's a cold or two in comparison to having a shoulder ripped open and a knee thrown out of whack? She'll deal and cross that bridge when she comes to it, and if she does get sick... well, it was so worth it.

Smirking in the epitome of smug glee, she lounges against pillow, looking on as hte ninja coughs into his fist and makes his hasty retreat. The whole time he is, she has a wrist upraised, flicking her fingers in a little wave; that smirk all but locked on her features.

Then, when he's out of her line of sight, she leans over the other side of her cot, grabbing her knife and cutting a horizontal tally into the haft of her spear. Oh, this is going to be fun...

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