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Scene: A startling appearance in the Daedal Hunter Headquarters.… - Great Moments in RP

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June 8th, 2005

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07:13 pm
Scene: A startling appearance in the Daedal Hunter Headquarters.
Characters: Albedo, Leia, Hayate
MU*: rosemush
Number of Poses: 3
Series: Xenosaga, Ogre Battle 64, Naruto.


Speaking of the Machinata, since when did it spawn cute little waifish cyborgs? All dewy-eyed and fairy-winged and--

Probably never. Though the creature that bursts through the door screaming at the top of its lungs bears a certain resemblance to the quasianimals that crawl out of the Tower's guts, it's probably not a product of the Machinata. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HE'S GONNA EAT ME HE'S GONNA EAT ME!"

The little creature doesn't stop its incessant shrilling as it races through the room, rebounding off people and objects alike and sending things flying. It's moving at the approximate speed of Utterly Terrified, and very agile on top of it, as it tries to find something big enough to hide it. "GANG WAY, COMING THROUGH! DON'T WANNA GET EATEN!" Still shrieking for all it's worth (how DOES such a little thing have such a big lung capacity?), it dives past Hayate and Leia with a, "'Scuse me, sorry!" and attempts to hide behind Leia's cot. Finding it an ill fit, the little cyborg bursts back out from under cover and starts running for the other side of the warehouse.

Only to freeze stock-still as something--or someone--gives an absolutely eerie before -another- and much larger person bursts in. The giggle finds itself attached to one-hundred ninety pounds of white-haired blur with razor-edged wings, that doesn't care nearly so much as its target about the fact that, oh, hey, people.

This is complicated by the fact said blur apparently has razor-sharp wings, which it uses to pull itself into a standing stall as it slams the terrified little cyborg to the floor by main force alone.

The blur turns out to be a very ragged-looking white-haired man, who wastes little time in leaning down to make short work of his target before it can give another ear-splitting shriek. The wet pop of bones misaligning is followed by the sicker sound of flesh tearing, before the young man straightens up, holding a wet lump of meat about the size of an apple. He rolls it curiously in one hand, before smiling a pleased smile and taking a bite out of it.

Mmm, raw heart.


"Are you sure? You look pretty bad today." Actually, the Rune Knight is hard-pressed to think of a time when the ninja isn't sickly-looking. Really horribly sickly-looking, too. The hollows under his eyes seem to be getting positively beastly. He must be feeling really miserable if he looks like that all the time. She climbs to her feet, limping a pace or two towards him, folding her arms over her chest and affecting a slightly annoyed look. "Hey, you know, you should really stay put for a few days, too. You're looking worse than I am, these days. Look at the hollows under your eyes! Do you even sleep?" She reaches out to poke the side of his face with a forefinger, raising a brow.

"I mean, just l--" She never gets to finish her sentence, instead tripped up by some unspeakable pixie-thing. Whatever it is. Which, in turn, has the misfortune to graze her bad leg; which in turn has her clutching for the nearest stable object in an effort not to go down in a heap. Unfortunately, that nearest object happens to be Hayate, but rest assured, she's not in it for freaking him out this time -- rather, she looks freaked out when a white-haired... /thing/... comes rushing past and seizes the freakish pixie-thing, proceeds to tear it apart, and rip out the heart. And did he just--?

Oh god, he did. Tear out the heart and EAT IT.

Well, that's something you don't really see every day. Sorry, Hayate, she's just going to sort of lean on you with most of her weight while she tries to first force herself to stop staring, and then force her buckled knee to behave. Right now, though, she's rather busy blatantly staring at Albedo with blue eyes perfectly round in shock. Oh dear.


"No, really, I've told you not to judge a book by its cover before. I'm fine, Leia-san," Hayate assure the Rune Knight. When one has never known what it likes to feel healthy, it's not really so bad always being ill. Some days are better than others, that's all.

The sudden cacophony distracts Hayate completely. He turns his head slightly, just as something brushes past his legs, following its movements with seeming disinterest. He coughs into a fist rather than say anything, the scene seems to speak for itself. His expression doesn't change as it is pinned down, not even through all the shrieking and the sickening crunching and popping going on.

That's it. Hayate's now certain beyond a doubt that he is the only sane Daedal Hunter. Which is not saying much. Turning back to Leia, since she's leaning on him now, completely deadpan, he says, "I suppose buying dinner for you is probably out of the question now."

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