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Salu - Great Moments in RP

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June 14th, 2005

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02:03 am - Salu
I really like the idea of a Best Poses community. Whoever thought of it, Kudos! I love sharing!

Uhmm.. Don't think I know anyone here. Not much of an LJ person, more of a Xanga. Hope I do, love to share with people!

I hope you don't mind me posting two of these =)

If it's too much, I can always remove them. Sorry to the inconvenience.

Scene: Edea is looking for Cid Highwind after being stranded in Traverse Town. She wants out. She wants out now. And she is not happy.
At the same time, Vincent and Cid share a touching Reunion.
Until the shop doors open to reveal an angry Matron.
Characters: Cid Highwind, Vincent, Edea
MU**: FLegends
Number Of Poses: 3, One from each character
Series: Cid Highwind(KH/FF7), Vincent(FF7), Edea(FF8 - No longer possessed)
Comments: This is so funny. Especially Cid's reaction to Edea's entrance(They do not get along. At all. Stubborn wills and what have you), and Vincent's reaction to Edea's flowers....
Especially Vincent's reaction.
I'm lucky enough to play Edea with these two fab RPers.

Where is Mr. Highwind?
I don't know ma'am... I'm not really sure what he does after hours..
Are you suggesting that you are completely ignorant to the whereabouts of your captain and boss? The same man who hands out your paychecks?
Yes Ma'am.
...Hyne forsake it. Excuse me! Local Townsperson! Do you know a man named Cid Highwind?
What.. who..?
Blond, blue eyes, yeh height, yeh wide... foul temper, bad attitude, smells like foul tobacco, and curses.
Eh.. Dinno 'em.
Pardon me, Good sir!
Whatcha want?
I'm looking for Cid. Cid Highwind.
What are you, his daughter?
...What on EARTH would make you say such a thing!?
You're pushy like him... but you are kinda old to be his daughter.
How old do you think I am!?
..20..? 21..?
The circumstances of my birth is a private manner that doesn't concern you!.
Ah. Well, if you are his daughter then I guess you already know where he is.
Not necessarily, I can't find him on the ship or at the local marke-
What, are you saying he isn't at his shop?
He owns a sh-Why.. Of course he would be at his shop.
How.. Silly of me. Thank you.
..No problem, Miss Highwind.
Pardon me, Sir!
Hey, pretty. What's cooking?
Nothing that concerns you, thank you very much! I'm searching for Mr. Highwind's shop.
The townsperson in question just smiles dumbly and points in that direction, where Edea proceeds to gather the hem of her skirt and march towards appropriately. Opening the door and kindly ignoring the crimson-clad gentleman right beside her, she opens her mouth and out spits poison. "MR. HIGHWIND. I have been searching for you for the past few hours! Must I remind you I NEED to be an Alexandria, and WHY we are even here is beyond me but this is completely out of order and I sincerely doubt proper authority would allow your vacation."


One glance at this shop and Edea's mouth is agape, amber eyes studying through piles of weapons and the rather dull appearance of the general vicinity. She shuts her mouth and then proceeds to stalk outside, shouting off over her shoulder. "You sincerely need better decoration. Are you not familiar with Interior Design, Mr. Highwind? Allow me to help you.." Without really asking, the woman has already returned with a gorgeous boquet of townflowers she picked just outside, searching for a vase of somesorts to put it in.. Finding nothing, the Matron decides to make alternative use of a nearby Teakettle, pouring out the contents and filling it with water. She then places the kettle with flowers in a lovely arrangement near the shotguns. "There.. That just livens up this room a bit!" She turns and finally takes notice of Vincent, putting a finger to her lips. "Oh, you have a customer! I apologize for my outburst, please.. Allow me to get you a cup of tea.." Edea strides into the back while shouting over her shoulder "Mr. Highwind, where are your other kettles?"

Well, maybe in his eyes, if Cid had bothered to turn around. It's nevertheless fairly obvious that there is a lack of alarm and shock. Ah, what the hell. The shop's owner turns around. Yeah. No surprise in the clear blue eyes at all. Cid sniffs slightly as he sets down the weapon and drops the cloth on top of it. After another moment, the pilot chooses to answer. "Ran into Tifa a while back. She mentioned you were hanging around." Sniff. Cid rubs under his nose after tugging the cigarette away from his lips. Casual is a pretty apt term for the manner he uses in dealing with Vincent's presence. Grim? Cold? Hah! Everyone's got their thing. And Cid's never had any real trouble getting along with the quiet man. "Well, something come up? Or did you just drop in to say--"
Edea walks in.
"Hell." A grin that had begun to tug at the corners of Cid's mouth suddenly disappears into a scowling expression.
Letting the wave of the Matron's lecture wash past, Cid takes to grumbling under his breath and drumming the fingers of his free hand along the counter. Momentarily, he spares a glance for Vincent. No words, but it doesn't need any. 'Hang on a sec, got something annoying to deal with here.' The sharp eyes return to following Edea's progress around the room.
Holy Hannah. She's brought in flowers. And is USING HIS ONLY KETTLE. "Shut the hell up! I told you I had business to take care of in Traverse Town. You'll get to Alexandria when I'm damned well ready to leave *here*." The thrust of the word is accented by a slam of his fist against the wooden surface of the display before him. "Considering you were all but beggin' to stay in my company the other day, I don't see what you're bitching about *now*."
Cid growls under his breath again, something about foolish women and their spoiled lives. "Just... get the tea for my friend and me" The pilot turned shopkeeper flicks his wrist in Edea's direction. "And take the flowers out of that kettle, now. It's the only one." Bah. He turns his attention back to Vincent, momentarily striving it seems, to ignore the woman's presence entirely. To a person that's known him a while? He's showing supreme tolerance for Edea's attitude. For those who have only known him a little while? He's just being a pain in the ass.
"So, where were we, Vincent?" he asks now.

The man of darkness stands in place, almost a zombie in the degree at which he stands still while being blasted by the bombardment of babble coming from Edea's maw. His head cocks a little to the side in her direction even amidst her inspection of the wares, and just stares blaknkly. Finally the matron runs into the back room after rummaging through some of the belongings, trying to decide which items would look asthetically pleasing in what location of the store- regardless of the categorization. He's not even sure what to say, being called 'Mr Highwind', and being referred to as the owner... and being asked to make decisions about the nature of how things are being presented to the public eye for sale.

She went on and on so fast, blathering as she did... he didn't even have a chance to object before she was already offering 'the customer' some beverage, who is actually Cid. Vincent looks at the tea-kettle, with the flowers in them as Edea looks for an alternate to put tea into.... and ponders . o O (I guess it doesn't look too bad...) before looking around at some more of the guns. He looks over to the REAL Cid, and speaks in a gentle voice, but firm moreover, "I haven't seen Tifa in a long while. She went through an ordeal with Sephiroth back in the day..."

He then lifts up his Longbarrel, speaking gently, "This requires repair....." But he stops as Cid flashes him that brief look, conveying all without a single word. Vincent had felt it himself after Edea'd tormented him with that lecture, and he felt a kindred sensation in Cid the moment both eyes met, and the blonde inferred that he wished to 'deal' with the 'problem' implied in his mannerisms. Another thing. If Vincent hadn't already been accustomed to Cid's vulgarity, he might have been taken aback at this point at the sudden lash, but since he knew what would happen, he just continues to view the lovely flowers while Cid scolds Edea for meddling. And then Vincent side-glances to see if anyone notices him... c.c o.o >.> He then changes a few flowers, overlapping a couple in different positions . o O (There... ) it just wouldn't do to have his reputation ruined, but he -HAD- to change that arrangement.

And JUST in time, as Cid asks Vincent where they were @.@;;; "You keep strange company, Mr Highwind....

Next one!
Scene: Edea has a conversation with Reno's hair
Characters: Edea, Reno
MU**: FLegends
Number Of Poses: 3. Common exchange
Series: Reno(FF7), Edea(FF8 - Not possessed)
Comments: .... XD~~~ The Traverse Town disaster let Edea drown her problems with Alcohol and anti-depressants much to Cid's lack of knowledge. Reno just happens on by while she's in happy land..

....That... damned.... red... rope... of.... hair....
Edea can't get her eyes off it.
Doesn't help she's practically a vegetable from the booze and anti-depressants. Heck, if she didn't take either, she probably wouldn't even be so concerned about that hair.
But at the moment? It's as if the rat-tail is talking to her.
'Hello Edea.'
Hello rat-tail..
'I really want to be freee..'
'Well, I'm tired being stuck to the back of this guy's head. It'd be nice if you could free me'
'Just pick up a knife and cut'
'Well, if you can't find a knife, I guess I don't mind if you reach up and pull me off.'
.... Tempting.
However, Reno's voice interjects her into reality, and the bottle is taken by the neck. Edea shrugs, "No. He won't find them."
See, you can sort of tell her judgement's been sorely weakened.
"..He won't. I'll just give away half of these to the locals." Edea sets the basket ontop of the sealed stash, weakly picking up a broom and circling the vicinity again.
'...Edea, I really want to be free.'
"Awww.. Bugger off..." the Matron growls, talking to... welll.... Reno's rat tail. Glassy eyes slide up to meet the young man's face, hrming slightly as she nods. "Well then, boy. I suggest you go back to work. Take your break lightly." One hand sweeps out to accent her point. "Remember. If Cid asks... it came from the locals."

'Then you know what you have to do. Burn them all. O_O'
Well, let it never be said that Reno is dim; he can think of a few reasons as to why she's looking at his hair like that. This would make normal people uncomfortable. But it's long been established that the difference between Reno and a normal person is pretty much apples to nuclear oranges. And you guess which one of the two is the radioactive citrus.
Shrugging in indifference, Reno seems to have already known that. Whether or not Edea gets into trouble with her husband/captain/dirtylover/whathaveyou is none of his business, really, but he does have a mission here. Several, in fact. To this end, he'll simply nod at the instructions given. "I'm not a boy. So. Don't do anything stupid in here. I'll leave you to it." He could tell she didn't quite have that Shinra instinct that most of the executives had. So she's probably at least somewhat new. Too caring. It's a hard pill to swallow, all that that she saw.. but he's no psychologist. That's not why they pay him.
He'll step out of the store quietly.
Pause. "...Oh."
He'll stop in the entrance for a moment.
"If my hair's talking... It's useless for you to listen."
Turk senses? Or /really lucky guess?/
You decide.

....Burn them all, huh?
Edea hrms at that.
Sounds familiar. Like when she had that urge to just destroy everything as Possessed Evil Edea With A Funny Looking Hat On. Teetering on her heels, the idea doesn't seem completely out of whack from her standpoint as a drugged out stressed drunk.
Ugh.... and the anti-depressants are beginning to speed up the hangover, too..
"Stupid?" Eeeeehhhhh. "Then, forgive me, young man." Her voice isn't condesce-Okay, yeah it is. She sounds very condescending. Sorry, Reno.
The Matron tosses the broom into the back and takes a seat behind the counter, resting a head on one of those nice feeling surfaces there... "...So....?" Edea blinks wide circles at Reno. "You... You can hear the rat-tail too...?"
Amber eyes grow slightly wide as she finds someone who meets her on some common ground, "...Oh my.."

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