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"Come into my parlor," Said the spider to the fly. - Great Moments in RP

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June 20th, 2006

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11:11 am - "Come into my parlor," Said the spider to the fly.
Scene: It is dinner time, the wind and rain escorts a familiar figure to the doors of Hellsing Estates. Not only does Integra share her dinner with him, she shares her thoughts on evil and the current standing of Los Anime.
Characters: Father Nightroad, Integra
MU**: Animania On Line (Closed)
Number Of Poses: .....Uhm, a lot to count but I will do it soonly.
Series: Hellsing, Trinity Blood

Another moderately warm, rain heavy, night. Nights such as these have paid many a visit to Los Anime as of late. The rain comes down in slants, hitting the high roof tops of the mansion with an almost musical note. At least the cold has abated for now, at least outside of the brick walls. Within the Hellsing Estates it is another story. The cold that rushes across the floor is born as doors close as quickly, and as silently, as they were opened. As early in the evening as it is, six o' clock to be precise, the hallways are as silent as a waiting grave. Maids with blank expressions make their way from one end of the 'house' to another, tending to duties both big and small.

Within cobble stone fire places yellow/red tongues lick the walls, coughing out small gray clouds. The only real action is going on within the kitchen, where dinner is being prepared a might bit early for those who can consume it. Sir Helling is upstairs at the moment, absorbed in the same bit of news paper clipping as before. Many a thing is going on in Los Anime, causing many a thing to go on within Helling Proper. After a soft knock at the large oak doors and a hushed announcement that dinner will soon be ready, Integra folds up the (now slightly out of date) paper and moves to exit the library. Knowing fully well that both Seras and Alucard are gone, she is unaware as to which visitors remain.

Stepping out and into the dimly lit hallway, Integra heads toward the downward leading stairs.

Father Nightroad:
One of the few people left that can be called a visitor is a priest thou at the moment he does look the part for once. His gloved hands holding up a umbrella as he for this time at least didn't forget such a tool. Father Nightroad wasn't one to show up again soaking wet from the rain. It always seems to rain around him but, he isn't going to let such a thing depress him like it might others. His face wearing a warm smile as he slips in to the Hellsing Manor again.

Even if the letter said he could stay here he has yet do so. The priest always gone about his life doing very little to even show his face to the people he was to ask help from. He had yet to find a single lead to show thou, it wasn't from lack of trying. The umbrella snaps closed as he hands it to a maid that comes to take his things. His hand to his chest as he gives a polite bow as he ask in a calm tone. "May I see Sir Hellsing?"

The maid gives the man a kind, yet vacant smile. The light at the very back of her eyes show that she recognizes him, what human light remains to them that is. A small woman with brown hair pinned in place, she promptly takes his umbrella and any other personal effects that have been touched by rain. "Always walking in the rain," The woman says in a rather motherly tone, lips curling into as sincere a smile as a puppet can form. "-you will catch your death, Father Nightroad." As he asks to see Sir Hellsing, the woman gives a light bob of her head. "She should be down in a moment." The maid turns on her heels, ready to walk off to place the Father's things in a locale where they can dry in peace. "Please, stay for dinner." With that bit of polite speech done, she exits right as her 'Master' walks down the last few stairs.

For Integra it has been a rather busy day, one issue or another rising to the surface in an attempt to knock her off her guard. To say the least, seeing Father Nightroad comes as a surprise. Expecting other company, the woman is dressed in her usual attire, minus the over coat. Hair pulled back in a bun, her face is framed; no longer hidden from sight, her expressions allowed to show through at their clearest. Ice blue eyes open wide, yellow eyebrows hiked upward, Integra comes to a stop. "Ah, Father Nightroad." Said without malice or heat, rather cool and cordial. "Good evening."

Father Nightroad:
The kind father slowly bows his head at the kind thoughts from the maid even if the light in her eyes says it is only slightly her own. "Thank you for your thoughts, as for my choice to walk in the rain. That would be the rain that likes to rain when I start a walk, no fault of my own. " His face keeping a warm smile even if there was little chance of the women laughing at his joke.

The father slowly gives a bow of his head as he spots the master of the 'house' coming in to view. His hand resting across his chest as he holds the same playful and kind smile as before. "Ah, Sir Hellsing just who I was looking for. I am sorry to come uninvited again but, the rain was so nice I couldn't stop myself from walking." It is hard to tell if he really means that as truth or a joke to lighten the mood as both could be true.

The woman can be heard giving a laugh as she vanishes into a thicket of darkness and shadow, there is obviously a small amount of humanity left in her; just not enough for her to defy the will of the elder vampire whom had put her in a trance. At a single word the unwilling servants can be set free, just no time soon given present circumstances. Integra looks over her right shoulder, watching after the other woman until the dragging of a door could be heard; out of sight, out of mind. Even though she has been around the servants for as long as her memory serves, she has never felt comfortable having discussions around them. There is something very frustrating about people who can not argue or hold their own ground, at least to Sir Hellsing. Once she is sure that the door has been closed firmly, she turns back toward Abel, adjusting the circular glasses that sit on her nose as if trying to bring the man more so into her focus.

"Couldn't stop yourself from walking?" She repeats, giving a puff of bemused laughter. "Hopefully the Windego has not gotten it's hand on you." When she smiles, it is cat like, the lips contorting with the smallest of nuances. She laughs ever so slightly at his comment and her own, images of the Algonquian fable dancing through the back of her head. A joke or not, she does not treat him as though he is an unwelcome guest. "You received my letter, I am sure." The humor drops out of her tone like a rock, her head canting to the right by half an inch; small bits of yellow strand shifting is the only indication that she has moved at all. "The invite is there as long as you have need for it."

"I was just about to sit and have dinner. If you would like to take that time to tell me why you have done me the honor of paying me a visit this evening?" She does a quick turn, heading toward a set of doors thrown ajar, the dining area. "More business than pleasure, I assume?"

Father Nightroad:
The laugh brings a smile to the father's face as he slowly turns his attention to Integra. "I did get your letter, as for the offer I would like that. Thou I do not think your help likes me to much." The tone in his voice still kind but, it proves he isn't talking about the people that just walked out. No he means a more self assured person with a large set of guns and pointed teeth, thou didn't everyone have them as of late?

As she makes a move to leave to the dining room he starts to follow giving a slight nod. "I try to take pleasure in my work, otherwise there is no point doing it but, yes it is about my job. " His hands held at his sides as he keeps a good distance from her not really any other reason as to keep him from bumping in to her when she opens the door. He had a really bad habit with not watching where he was going and he is trying to keep himself from doing such to keep a nice impression. No one could say how hard it is for him to act like a professional for once.

Tossed and caught, Integra has a feeling that the good Father is speaking of Alucard. More reason for her to chortle, as Alucard himself tends to bark and snap at any one of a religious background. Well, everyone /but/ her that is. Given Alucard's disposition and attitude, she can half understand both sides in this case. "He called you a dog, or something to that effect, didn't he?" She is a woman who does not dance around any given subject, she takes them on as head on as she can. "I would suggest that you take his comments with a grain of salt, Alucard is more than a bit set in his ways due to his old age." She is no better, she knows. But she can be civil if it is called for. Vampires, freaks, and ghouls are becoming a dime as dozen, much to Integra's dismay. Although elder vampires who have lived through religious war after religious war are not.

Listening to the man behind her, Integra enters the dining area; the doors of which were tugged open by a waiting set of maids. The room is of more than decent scale, the table and floor made of wood which glints red under the over head lights. A table sits dead center, long and proud, chairs lining it's sides. Given the sudden nature of Father Nightroad's visit, the table is in the middle of having another set of dinner ware placed on it's face. The room is filled with the aroma of various meats, vegetables, and fresh breads. If anything, the spread is a sight to behold. Walking to the chair at the head of the table, a (for once) ungloved hand resting on it, Integra motions for Abel to make himself comfortable, with a wide sweep of her free hand. "A job one does not enjoy is not one that they should keep. Lest they are willing to allow their souls to wilt and spoil." With that she takes a seat, fingers working to unfold a cloth napkin that was previously sitting atop of the empty plate that is in front of her.

"The floor is yours."

Father Nightroad:
The father nods solemnly as he makes his way in to the room. His eyes picking up in a moment what spot was meant for him. His stomach starting to clench as he smells the food and starts to think on how hungry he was. The priest not one to complain but, he didn't get to eat every meal of the day. His mouth starting to move a moment as he takes a breath of air clearing his head of the food at least for the moment or so he hoped.

"Don't worry I don't blame him, his age can keep people with there own ways of things. It is understandable thou it doesn't mean he is wrong sometimes." Was that a slip or was he just calling himself a dog sometimes thou it is impossible to sit on the fact as he moves on quickly.

"The fact of the matter is I have found little to help me get to the bottom of this city. I am hopeless at this and I am alone in this city if not for your graceful help. A man is not a island they say so I come asking for information of any sort. It shows this town is on the brink of fall and chaos. I was at the riot in the park and this will confirm that this town slips toward darkness it seems....."

As the two launch into talking, maids and stewards dress the table with covered silver dishes of various sizes; course one has been served. Drinks are served up, the heavy covers removed. The men and women smile their best, as they are unable to do much else while in public's sight. If it were just Integra they would hurry to other business, their faces blank slates. Pouring herself a glass of Brandy, on the rocks of course, Integra keeps her eyes on Abel, seeming not only to be paying attention but very curious all the same. For a man of the cloth, Father Nightroad is rather different. Perhaps this fact is why Integra seems to be more open to his very presence?

"It takes a rather big man to be able to say things along those lines." She speaks quietly, her gaze shifting down to watch the brownish/yellow liquid fill the cup. "You are not one to cast stones while in glass houses, I see." She watches him, unable to pull his sentence apart enough to make absolute sense of it. The Father moves from one bit of subject matter to another with a noted fluidity, Integra adjusting as he does so. If she remembers later, she will question him on it. "Toward darkness?" she is suddenly serous, sitting up right in her chair. Although she tends to keep to herself, within the wall of the Hellsing compound, she can not say that she has not noticed the changes in the general population of Los Anime. From one riot to another, it is as if the town has an ill wind passing through it that taints all that it brushes. "Is that why the Vatican sent you?" Her eyes narrow, but not in their usual way; there is worry in the blue depths.

Father Nightroad:
A slight pause sits in the air as she ask if that is why he was sent from the Vatican. "I can not say. I am a pawn sent alone to a den of evil that has yet to show its face truthfully." His voice a soft note in this whole affair. His eyes closing all the way as he leaves the world in to his own thoughts for a moment more as he tries to think of his words. A moment later he opens his eyes again to give a look toward Sir Integra. "I was sent for my unique qualities, I am far not the best to give change to the world but, I sent all the same."

His hands slowly cross as he puts his elbows on the table crossing his arms in front of him palms down on the table. It isn't very polite but, again he is already stretched trying to remain cheerful. "This city can be saved and it will be but, the root of all this must be found. Should it stay hidden, this city will fall in on itself. The people behind this will have to do nothing as the city tears itself apart."

Elbows meet the table, Integra knitting her fingers together as to rest her chin on the bridge they create. For the time being it is best if she lends an ear, taking in what information Abel is willing to afford her. The more she takes in, the more that she feels herself agreeing that the city of Los Anime is headed toward being a lost cause, if the people can not shape up and fly right--so to speak. The people have grown more so violent over the last few days, no weeks. From the first riot in the park to the riot which nearly claimed the life of Ms.Scarlet of ShinRa, the general population of Los Anime seems to have gone wild, in one sense of the word or another. The woman sinks her teeth into her bottom lip almost enough to draw blood.

"I am sure that there is a milder way to put it than pawn." She mutters from around the lip of her cup, going quiet as she takes a small sip from it. "But there is no better term for this city than den of evil." She is unsure of which direction to take the conversation in, given at least two paths. "It is not un natural to feel that one is a pawn when one is a part of a greater body." Protestant or Catholic, either side can (and will) feel the sting of doubt. Then again, Integra does not know enough about The Father to make such assumptions on his character, so she does not. "Unique abilities or not, the key word is /chosen/." She tilts her glass at him, the contents threatening to spill over the brim momentarily. "Had they not had some amount of faith in you, they would have sent someone else, don't you think?" Is she trying to cheer him on? It is, as always, near impossible to tell if (and when) Integra is giving a kind word.

Not one to give much of a damn about table etiquette, given her own (masculine) habits, Integra does not as much as flinch at his putting his arms on the table. "Is that not how most evils work?" She says, sitting back in her chair as much as she can. "The evil seeps in quietly, soaking the infected to the bone. The seven sins take hold, driving the person to do un speakable acts. But they take no notice as the seven sins have a firm grip on their soul." A pause. "The human soul is rather flimsy without the proper guidance." Another sip is taken from her drink at that time. "The corruption has already began, the ground work long since has been laid, given the riots and the rising numbers of attacks." She takes a deep breath.

"As we are both on a mission," she leaves out the part about god for one reason or another, "--our only course is to try and save the city from itself /and/ the darkness." She attempts to look him directly in the eyes. "Right?" Said as if she is not totally sure herself.

Father Nightroad:
A single large fact seems to always hang in the air and it becomes clear Abel was chosen thou only few will know why. "I was chosen that is true, thou it always seems to come down to faith but, faith doesn't kill evil in a city." His ears open for the long tone she takes on giving a rather easy to understand view of how evil works.

Father Nightroad does not shy away from her eyes as he gives her a look back. His face drawing in to a smile and gently nods still holding the small smile as if to keep himself in a happy mood even if the tone deems it should not be so. "Yes, you are right. That is all we can but, how we save the city is what me picked carefully. No one wants the city to turn on you when you try to help it."

"Faith may not kill the evil within, but it does lend a helping hand." She remembers that there is food on the table and begins to spoon/fork out portions on to her plate. "Many things are possible through faith, in faith of all sorts." As tempted as she is to mention faith in God in particular, she choses to avoid such pointed conversation for a time. Even though they are both deeply religious, there is a divide between their beliefs and practices none the less. To fight an enemy one must come to understand them; evil is no stranger to that odd fact of life. The best that the two of them can do is come to understand the evil without becoming too intimate with it. Evil is like absolute power, it corrupts absolutely. The strings of fate come in other colors outside of red. The more that Integra speaks on the issue at hand with Father Nightroad, the tighter the white thread of duty tightens between them, so to speak.

"For one, we can not be much bothered with the thought of their turning on us." She points out. "It is a given that they will. No cause comes without it's fair share of enemies, deserved or not." A fork in one hand, a knife in the other, she cuts into a rather sizable chunk of steak that she had served up just moments before. "Eventually every dog will bite the hand that feeds it. Evil is just like faith-- it can, and will, very easily blind those of weak mind and spirit." After much time of ignoring her meal, she begins to eat. Thankfully the food is still piping hot. She chases down what she managed to swallow with the rest of her Brandy. "We can only hope to help them back to their feet after they fall from grace."

Father Nightroad:
A moment passes as Father Nightroad watches his hostess start to eat. "I think we have strayed from the topic at hand. It is clear we must stop it but, what is it that we are stopping. Who or what is the evil that already lives in this city." The priest leans forward a bit more picking up his drink as to sip at it slightly but, he doesn't seem the type to drink to much so he puts it back down.

"What holds this city?..." His voice slightly low as he takes a breath and keeps a look on Integra's face but, he doesn't hold malice or even a little bit of anger. Just a smile holds on to his face still and somehow it doesn't seem wrong with the way he acts.

"I suppose we have." Integra loses interest in her food, pushing it aside. Her tone goes slightly sour, as she feels that she has said far too much on yet another issue. Not that she is ripping herself apart on the inside of it, she simply has a dislike for not coming around to a point. "I'm sorry." Yet another one of those times where the words come out far too harshly to be easily categorized. If she is upset or not is sure to be hidden under many layers of well punctuated points to be made. If she means the apology or not is just as ambiguous. "Before we can discuss a course of action more so, we will need to get to the source, right?" She is suddenly in much more of a drinking mood, her emotions having been on too much of a sliding scale as of late. "All that leaves is for us to find out who, or what, is doing this."

She grits her teeth together, speaking from behind a locked jaw. "But that is easier said than done as there is not the foggiest clue as of yet." How tempted she is to throw in the words "damn it", but she some how manages to refrain. "How do we even go about looking for something so fucking amorphous?" She tries and fails at holding her tongue, yet again.

Father Nightroad:
Father Nightroad puts his hand up off the table to touch to his cheek a little with a single finger. "Well, it is hard to say really. I was hoping you had some info at least but, it seems we are both in a sinking boat on this one. Well misery does love company they say." He leans back slightly taking his arms off the table and still keeping his finger pressing to his cheek.

It isn't hard to notice but, he starts to quickly slip out of his somber mood. "At least it shouldn't be impossible to get what we want. Information always leaks out and should you try hard enough you can find ear that has heard it all."

"Misery does love company," She begins. "--but I do not think we are up to our necks in water just yet." She shifts her weight in her chair. "Have you heard about the recent riots?" She lets the word 'recent' fall with a bit more weight, given the fact that the happening was not the only case in recent days. She watches him, letting a thin sigh escape through lips that are pressed firmly together. "I am sure that those events, the ruthlessness of the people of Los Anime, are tied some how." Even if it is just a preliminary set of thoughts, she does what she can to draw lines between what little information that there is, that may be connected even in the slightest.

Her stomach tying itself in knots, it becomes obvious to Sir Hellsing that there are other, smaller, matters that need attending to. Picking up a roll, she soaks it in the run off of the steak before biting into it. Not wanting to seem like a total barbarian, she takes care to chew and swallow before speaking. "You are right about that, Father Nightroad." She sits back in her chair, again, this time looking up at the ceiling. "The information will surface in time. Just a matter of telling the bullshit and the facts apart."

Father Nightroad:
The father slowly leans back a little more as he looks toward her a moment more. "I know, as for telling facts from the factless that is easy. You just check them out with good old foot work." He only says this as he does a lot of this so called 'foot work'. He slowly stands up pushing his chair in as he takes a step back and forth in thought.

"Can you at least give me a lead on the smaller events that might be going in the under city."

"Good luck with that foot work, there are going to be a lot of people careless enough to step on your toes." A warning to be weary, possibly far too cryptic. There are going to be a lot of people caught up in the downward spiral of Los Anime's moral fall, Integra has a rather strong feeling about that much. In a fight where sides are far from stated, it will be hard to trust in all information that is put on the table. Even true stories are mutated for the purpose of tabloid news, from so-called credible sources. She eyes Abel as he stands.

"I do not get out much," obviously. "--but apparently there have been a number of small incidents in the inner city, physical altercations." She rubs at her mouth with the same cloth napkin from earlier. "That is about all that I know for the under city. I was going to look into them after my meeting for this evening." Speaking of meeting, Scarlet is hours late showing up. Turning to the right ever so slightly, she looks to the stately old clock in the corner. Scarlet is very late indeed, and very much could help with the current conversation on recent events (outside of her own shooting and later attack on her mind rather than her person). "Any information that I get I'll be sure to pass on to you."

Father Nightroad:
Abel lets a smile creep on his face as he gives a nod then as second for good measure. "Thank you, I will be sure to keep a hand open to letters and a ear to you." He gives a slight bow of his body and his hand over his stomach. "I think it is about time for me to take my leave, I have a feeling that something will come out soon and I need to speak with someone at the church as things stand." The father looks over toward the door and way out as he waits for the maids not wanting to step out forgetting his umbrella or anything of the like. "I will return the favor should I hear anything I will pass it along. As for why I am here, I am not normal so do not worry about my toes in my foot work." His face bearing that same happy grin.

As if on cue, the dark haired maid from earlier steps just within the massive door frame. Within her small arms she holds the formerly wet items that she had taken from Father Nightroad. Keeping her head down, she does not step forward or speak, waiting to be spoken to first. Integra remains seated, but only for another second or so. The woman pushes off of the wooden table, bringing herself to a stand. "I would appreciate that." An answer directed to all parts of his previous comments. She is sure that he will help out as much as he can, given his stake in the matter. "Best to follow intuition when there are no clues, so I won't keep you." Dropping her napkin to the table first, she leans over in a bow of her own.

"Normal does not always fit the bill." Her lips curl into a dark smile, but only briefly. The woman motions for the maid to step forward with Abel's possessions. "By now the weather should have calmed down a bit, hopefully." Integra steps from around the table. "I am glad that we had this talk.
Do take care, Father Nightroad."

Father Nightroad:
The father smiles and nods softly as he takes his things from the maid and starts toward the door. As the door is pulled open the rain is still going but, not at hard as before at least. "No such luck, the rain is always calling me." His face wearing a smile as it comes down to it most of this town wasn't 'normal' in the least. He gives a bow of his head and smiles one last time as he opens his umbrella and starts to back in to the rain. "Thank you for such a lovely night, we will have to talk again soon. Be it life or the jobs we do that cause such to happen."

A slight moment passes as he turns and starts to walk down the path to leave the large place of the Hellsing. He keeps a smile on his face as he walks down the path with a dumb look on his face. He still feels like he is forgetting something that he forgot in all the talking. "I am sure it will come to me...." As he turns the corner his stomach gives out a loud growl as the gates to the estate close behind him closing him out. His eyes going wide as he thinks of it. He had totally forgot to eat while he was there and now he would be without food of such high class. "Why does this always happen to me...." His eyes giving a few tears of the moment as he turns and starts to walk again in to the darkness.
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