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bestposes's Journal

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Great Moments in RP
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This community is here for roleplayers to share some of their triumphant moments. Poses that went above and beyond the call of duty and wowed our peers or made us all fall over giggling, etc.

The rules are simple.

1. This is for IC poses only, no OOC chitchat. (Unless it was a really long and hilarious OOC type of pose, that'll be allowable. ^^)

2. It should be from an IC scene of some sort and can be one poses or a series of poses, but please try not to spam everyone with an entire log.

3. If it gets to be on the long side, lj cuts are not only appreciated, but required.

4. Please don't post poses that aren't yours unless you have the individual's permission first. (Though I don't think this will be too much of a problem, I just want to avoid stepping on anyone's toes. ^^)

5. This isn't a debate or criticism community, please don't post poses with the intention of tearing them apart or pointing out that someone is lame. It makes you lame.

6. Flames aren't allowed. ^^

7. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact fallofrain

Lastly, here is the approved and recommended format for posting your poses. ^-^

Scene: Give everyone a scene synopsis.
Characters: Who all is involved?
MU**: What MU* is this logged from?
Number Of Poses: How many poses have you listed?
Series: What series are the characters from (or just say original).

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